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I suspect that once you watch the other half-dozen or so videos of James Hoffmann's YouTube series on espresso, then you might come to the conclusion that there is no practical difference in opinion.
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There is some consideration of the Pullman baskets among the espresso enthusiasts that are willing to explore something other than adherence to the decades-old traditional espresso and its equipment and techniques. It is not that the basket itself makes better espresso than the VSTs, but that its bottom is a bit bigger than the VST so it fits filters made with readily available hole punches. Convenience seems to be the primary driver.


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When I got my Linea Mini years ago, I got some Strada baskets, 14, 17 and 21 I believe. They are great, but I want to switch to ridgeless, I was thinking getting VST, but might need to try the Espresso Parts ones. I was about to get the Baristapro by IMS Nanotech...but I'm not crazy about brewing in something with a coating.