Are there any independent studies of Yemenia?

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So Yemenia is supposed to be this new coffee varietal that's been newly discovered by a company called Qima in Yemen. (Hoffmann does an interview with them discussing it called Yemenia: Bigger than Gesha?) it seems really interesting but I'm having a hard time finding information about Yemenia outside of Qima sources. The guy in Hoffmann's video seems really polished and knows what he's talking about but when you start reading Qima's website you soon pick up on some scripted parts of the interview.

Qima seems to be a little bias in their interpretation of varietals and they trace the classic Typica-Bourbon type back to Yemen as would be expected but also SL17 and SL34 as unique varietals outside of the Typica-Bourbon type which is not something I'm able to confirm outside of Qima. From what I understand these SL types used selected bourbons from Yemen but still bourbon. I have some reservations regarding Qima's interpretations in that it may appear like they are exaggerating SL17 and SL34 as unique varietals to show more recent activity out of Yemen and I'm wondering if they are doing the same with Yemenia.

I would like to see some independent research done on the coffees in question to confirm if it's in fact a unique enough varietal that it should have its own classification and it's just not some ambitious branding. The coffees they sell are all naturally processed which isn't surprising and it's exactly what the interview with Hoffmann talks about essentially saying that Yemen coffee has a more wild and funky side. With a wide range of flavours from the natural processed coffees available what I see are vast inconsistencies that might be related to how the coffee is handled. Is Qima really doing anything to improve the coffee or are they just drawing targets around their arrows and saying they've struck gold? prices can be 60 USD/kilo for green so I'm wondering if the hype they seem to be driving can be backed up.