Anyone with garage or workshop espresso setup?

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I'm curious about whether anyone arranges an espresso setup in their garage or workshop, and if they have any tips?
I'd love to experiment with some lever machines or big top-end grinders like the Ditting 807, but there's no way to set aside space in my kitchen, especially with the cabinet height requirements.

I do have a garage space and some unfinished area in my basement. Maybe a homemade basement bar is the better option, although it's a bit out of the way. Curious how you all fit in the larger equipment?


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Hi drH,
FWIW here's my garage 'man cave' espresso setup. Cheap shelving unit (some assembly required). Topped with 1/4"x 24"x48" plywood, coffee themed vinyl tablecloth and topped again with 3/16" x 24"x 48" acrylic sheet. Above the tiki tapa cloth at the top of photo is 36" LED shop light. It's possible to squeeze all this in on a 36" length top, but I have a coffee roaster there as well. Garage floors are pitched 1 or 2 degrees back to front for drainage so a spirit level is required to shim the table legs and top.

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You even got a portafilter pressure gauge all boxed up & ready to go!
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#4: Post by TomC »

I wish I could find the photo I took of Trystero's (Greg Thomas) garage coffee bar he had down in LA. Very cool place. He had a large CMA lever set up and cozy couches and just a cool vibe overall. He's since moved, but used to post great stuff on his Instagram.
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#5: Post by edschlukebir »

I guess I don't have a good picture of the whole setup but back when I lived in Houston, my first espresso machine was in the garage.


#6: Post by Jasper_8137 »

I didn't have room for my Gaggia lever in my kitchen so I set it up in the basement laundry area. It actually works great as it's plumbed from the sink and I have a small fridge next to it. It's also adjacent to our family / tv room so it's very convenient to pull shots in the morning while I'm watching the news before work.


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I have a friend who rents a storage locker, but a special one. The space he rents is used to house the HVAC equipment for the complex so its the largest storage unit. In fact, it has a second floor which he uses for storage. Anyways, he's setup a full machine shop on the first floor and practically lives in the place. So, he's got a small espresso setup for those times when the guys visit the man-cave and shoot the s**t. He makes one hell of a coffee with that setup. I'll have to get a photo next time I'm over.
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