Anyone Heard from Orphan Espresso Lately?

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I've bought several parts from OE in the last couple of weeks for a newly-acquired 1973 Europiccola. The most recent was a 49mm dosing cylinder. The package arrived last Tuesday and contained a 58mm cylinder instead (online order form and paperwork in the box said 49mm). I emailed OE and got no response. On Wednesday I emailed again and got no response. On Thursday I filled out an RMA form specific to this order on OE's website, including a comment requesting a replacement cylinder, then shipped the 58mm cylinder back. No response. Checking the USPS tracking site today (10/7/14), I noted that the 58mm cylinder arrived in Idaho on Saturday, with the annotation:

"Your item is being held at the Post Office in TROY, ID 83871 on Saturday October 4, 2014 at 10:43 am because the business was closed. The item will be delivered the next delivery day."

This suggests the returned 58mm cylinder was delivered yesterday. Still no response. Has anybody heard from OE lately?


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In the morning, I got a reply that my Friday order was shipped today.

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Randy G.

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Last I heard they were in Japan for a show.
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wsfarrell (original poster)

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Assuming they're out of the country, it sounds like they might have hired someone to fulfill new orders, and do nothing else. Kind of frustrating.

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As a reminder, the site's Guidelines for productive online discussion states "Please use these forums only as a last resort for complaining about vendors". It also lists the six steps of public complaints about service. The OP was step 1, Randy is at step 2, Piotr is at step 3, and I'm at step 4. All we need is a post from Doug or Barb for step 5 and we'll be one step from completing the cycle. :lol:

That said, speaking about customer service issues in general, one way to get a vendor's attention really quickly is filing a dispute with your credit card company. Document the problem and they will investigate on your behalf. Assuming they find in your favor, they will credit your account accordingly. Most vendors prefer to avoid such disputes, since if they rack up enough complaints, they risk losing their service account. Even if you believe that the vendor will ultimately handle your complaint to your satisfaction, don't be too patient. If you wait beyond 60 days, you usually lose the right to dispute the charge with your credit card company.
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Our daughter, Natalie, fulfills many of the orders from the "OE Annex" in Montana...and she made an error. Sorry. I've refunded your order because we don't have any replacement in stock at the moment - they are in production but it will be a few weeks at least. Also sorry, we've been on the road traveling, Tokyo, Taiwan, Portland is next, for Coffeefest, and our internet isn't great. We will be back in Idaho after Coffeefest. Sorry I didn't see your emails.


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OE, I can't imagine how busy you guys must be. I appreciate greatly your dedication to producing true enthusiast gear. I think most people have come to expect quick, if not instant gratification these days. I am guilty of this as well. We would do well to take a step back and consider the reality of what you guys are doing. That said, I have emailed OE 3 times in the past month with no response. I can understand why some members on these boards are concerned. I respect the guidelines linked by HB. That said, I am glad this forum exists otherwise we'd have absolutely no idea whats going on. I ask that the moderator please keep this discussion open as attempts to communicate directly with OE have been unsuccessful.

OE, can you give us any update on the status of the Lido 2 Oct shipment? Thank you!

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toe wrote:I ask that the moderator please keep this discussion open as attempts to communicate directly with OE have been unsuccessful.
I support Orphan Espresso and am thrilled they are enjoying the success of their hard work. However, I respectfully ask that Orphan Espresso address their customer service issues offline and not reduce HB to an extension of their order desk. This thread is locked.
orphanespresso wrote:Our daughter, Natalie, fulfills many of the orders from the "OE Annex" in Montana...
Thanks for the clarification. Barb, please contact me offline with instructions on how your customers should contact your company for service and/or questions about order status. E-mail? Contact us form? Other? I will then update this post with your instructions. Thanks.

UPDATE: Barb asks customers to use or or the contact form.
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Does anyone here have an alternative way to contact Orphanespresso? I have placed an order, but Barb emailed me at least 10 days ago indicating that she found my email in "Spam" and I cannot seem to reach them by email to investigate/confirm my order. I have Any other ideas?

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#10: Post by Eastsideloco »

They either did not receive your order-did you receive an order confirmation email?-or something is backordered.

You should have received a order confirmation email once the order was placed. If the items were in stock, they would have shipped within 24 hours, and you would have received a shipping confirmation email.

If any of the items are not in stock, they will (generally) hold the entire order. While the reason for the hold up and time to remedy may not be transparent, they will get you your order if they received it.