Am I crazy to travel with espresso?

Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.

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I look forward to my morning coffee routine so much that I put together a travel kit. I know Decent has one but I didn't want to spend that much just for travel.

I'm not kidding myself that this is the most efficient travel setup, but I did manage to fit the essentials into a carry on camera case. I know some people just throw a silicone funnel and filters into a coffee mug and off they go. I looked at maybe doing a pour over kit instead but I'd want a gooseneck kettle and still need the grinder, scale, maybe a Stagg - I played with some specifics and I think I'd need about the same size case.

I figure I can throw a small bag of beans into the water reservoir if I want. I don't think I have room for a mug - maybe I can figure something out.

Maybe this is a sign that the obsession has gone too far.

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Nope, your obsession hasn't gone awry :lol: . Been hauling around espresso gear for all things mobile (camping, 4x4'n, fly fishing adventures, motels/hotels/AirB&B, etc.) for a dozen years or more.

I haven't gone too far. Yet. :D
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Now I want to mount wheels on a 3 group Linea and tow it behind the car.

espressoren (original poster)

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Haha glad I'm in good company!

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One of my many set-ups over the years...
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Fits in a small case, it's not crazy. It's your passion.

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You're definitely not alone.

espressoren (original poster)

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Wow that even looks like the same case! I thought about a manual machine but then I'd miss the flexibility of milk frothing and a solution for heating water. Definitely a more comfortable fit though.


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Would love to see TSAs face when they scan that robot case.

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they don't even flinch....been there done that :D
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