Almond milk recommendations for lattes?

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#1: Post by jwoodyu »

The wife has to cut out dairy prefers almond milk when she gets a latte out. Looking for recommendations understanding I don't need to froth it too much.



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#2: Post by emradguy »

My wife also drinks almond milk in her lattes. I buy Maple Hill creamery and/or Elmhurst. Bothe seem to steam pretty well, but from the Batista perspective, I prefer the Elmhurst.

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#3: Post by rockethead26 »

My wife has settled on the Califia Original Barista Blend. We tried a few over the last 18 months. Her second fav was Pacific Barista Series Original. I could get a little more consistent foam body with the Pacific, but the Califia won out on flavor.


#4: Post by Epicurus »

My favorite is "Milkadamia Latte Da" Macadamia milk followed by Califia Farms Barista Blend Almond Milk.

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#5: Post by prust »

Costco almond milk is great for steaming. You can get a very good texture.