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For me so far nothing has came even remotely close to what espresso offers. Drip, pourover, press are just weak, thin and lacking. For the 96 grams of coffee I use to create 5-6 oz of espresso I can brew up quite a bit of weaker methods that are just never satisfying in any single way. The process is too simple/boring with no real challenge dialing in day-day compared to espresso. I just prefer heavy texture with muddied flavors and also prefer roasting dry process/wet hulled over washed any day to really bring out the heaviness most washed are missing. One method I haven't tried is Turkish and imagine I'd like the process/end result and will look into that in time.

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Mouthfeel - oil and proteins - crema, combined with heavier body in espresso.

That said a well done brew method has its allure on occasion.

Then the whole milk drink thing is another layer. My wife wants a cap, she gets a cap, and even better with cream on top milk from Strauss used. You can't do that with a brew method. It's like starting your day with desert.
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CarefreeBuzzBuzz wrote:It's like starting your day with desert.
Exactly the reason why I can't do it :) Much rather something sour, like yoghurt and granola with dried fruits. I guess there's a reason why I'm also more for light roasts..

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Historically, this site started as an espresso site, but brewed coffee has increased in popularity here so that this site is now "your guide to exceptional coffee."

For me, brewed coffee is an every day thing but espresso is something special.

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