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This is another story of a home barista/roaster that decided to get serious.

8 years ago, I wrote my first post here asking for advice on how to get a Huky 500T roaster working over a gas cooktop, in my backyard. Fast forward to today, here I am again at the backyard. Only this time, it's no longer a cooktop, but a dual-tank propane setup firing up a Loring S7 Nighthawk.

My wife and I have decided to embark in a more serious adventure, and we're starting our home-operated coffee roasting business, Hypergoat Coffee Roasters.

My coffee journey was heavily influenced by everything I learned and shared here and also in the today defunct Huky forum. That's the reason I'm sharing this now. It's a thank you to this community, and maybe also something that will inspire and encourage others to go for bigger things.

Even though I'll be playing on the commercial side now, I'm looking forward to coming back to HB to stay up-to-speed with everything, and of course, to my best ability, help others whenever I can.

Here's our from-to:

From this:

To this:

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Congratulations on your coffee journey. I hope your profits will be as good as your roasts.
Jim Schulman

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Congratulations and Best Wishes for a successful venture!
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Wow, that's just incredible! Nicely done and seriously hope you have great success!

Aguirre (original poster)

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another_jim wrote:Congratulations on your coffee journey. I hope your profits will be as good as your roasts.

I love the subliminal message here!

We better get this right! :wink:

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Welcome back, great to see you applying Huky lessons to such a fine roasting machine there.
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Congratulations ! ! !
I feel like a proud granny :-))))


Aguirre (original poster)

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Susan!!! Yes, you should feel proud! Are you still roasting?


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No, I'm not.
But I still follow the rest of you, and your post made me very happy :-)))

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This thread is a Huky owners forum reunion! I learned a lot from that forum and I'm still cranking roasts on my Huky 7 years later. 8)