Accurate scale that holds Portafilter

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Hi all. I have what I thought was a good scale but it turns out the Portafilter doesn't fit properly on it , sometimes falls off and also the scale is not accurate.

So what would be a good scale that will provide consistent readings and will fit a Portafilter ? Budget is not an issue and I don't need a built in timer. Thanks


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I 3d-printed a small stand which fits the scale. But a little bit of plywood and super glue will also work... :wink:

Something like this

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I got this one and compared it to my new Acaia and let me say for the price it's not a bad place to start. American Weigh Scales AMW-SC-2KG...

The portafilter doesn't fit well but you can manage with the included covers which flipped upside down work as little trays

The stand below is also a good idea, not sure I'd start woodworking lol

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I use this Decent portafilter stand. Works great with my Acaia Lunar.