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I took my new Lunar out of the box and have started to set it up today. The manual is almost useless. Is there a printed user guide somewhere that offers better directions? I've had to search Youtube's to figure things out but that is not my preferred way to learn how to use a product. Way too much time on things that aren't important. Are there any that net out the important programming better? Even calibrating the scale was a pain. I did finally find a video that made it clear but there is still a lot I need to get comfortable with. I'm sure I'll figure it out but there has to be a better way. I don't need reviews, unboxing, and all the other fill content I need to skip through. Thanks.


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Is this the manual you have? ... 002_EN.pdf

For day to day use isn't much to it other than reading what the modes do, changing between modes, on/off and tare.

The manual does cover a lot of info though about customization, like screen brightness or disabling modes you don't use.

There is also some more fancy stuff you can do via the apps, that's covered with the apps themselves. Like the Acaia Brewmaster app that will chart out and save flow rate of a brew.

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Focus on learning the modes. Turn off the ones you don't use.

Lunar Scale Owners- which of the six modes do you use?
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espressoren wrote:Is this the manual you have?
No, that did not come with my scale. Just a getting started guide. Must be on the Acaia product document download page. Thanks.