Acaia Lunar - non-slip, friction reduction, or no protective strips?

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Just received an Acaia Lunar and am wondering which strips everyone puts on the back of their scale, if any? I'm mostly interested in avoiding scratches to the bottom of the scale (and my countertop), as long as weight accuracy isn't affected. For reference, I'm using it with a Breville Dual Boiler and will likely be leaving the scale on the drip tray when not weighing the portafilter. Thanks!

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Do not leave the lunar on the drip tray when you are steaming or you will shorten your battery life. I use the provided strips on the outside of the lunar to make holding it easier without slippage. I don't find a need for strips on the bottom.
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I don't use any strips and haven't noticed any scratches or damage. It touches the drip tray and my counter.

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When silicone baking sheets go on sale I grab a couple. They're great for a whole lot of things from wrapping boilers to non slip pads. Cut a strip to put the Lunar on and it not only protects the top of drip tray and bottom of the Lunar but you can use it to drag the Lunar and cup on top aside when your shot is finished.
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Thanks all! I'll save the adhesive strips for something else, and maybe cut a piece of silicone to put under the tray. So far, so good with the Lunar.