Acaia Lunar dead?

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#1: Post by Chwecgn »

Somehow the display of my lunar stopped working.
When I tried to switch it on only the beep and the white dot indicating a touch appears. Everything else stays black.

But connection is working and showing weight.

Also firmware update worked?!?

Anyone had this before?

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#2: Post by pizzaman383 »

I got some steam in mine and it did that but after a day or two it was working fine.
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Chwecgn (original poster)

#3: Post by Chwecgn (original poster) replying to pizzaman383 »

I wish...

Just mailed acaia support too.

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#4: Post by Ken5 »

If this happened while updating there is something on the acaia site that might help. ... pdate-mode

Seems very specific to solving an update failure though, and even mentions just a white dot appears. I am just guessing, so not sure if this can hurt or not. There are two YouTube videos in that link too.

I emailed Acaia support in the past and a Nikki usually wrote back fairly promptly

Chwecgn (original poster)

#5: Post by Chwecgn (original poster) replying to Ken5 »

Tried it. No luck.

Seemingly the scale is still kind of working because all the numbers are in the app via Bluetooth :-(

Mailed them already. But it's the weeekeeeend lol

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#6: Post by Ken5 »

Hi Chwecgfn, anything new from Acaia?

Chwecgn (original poster)

#7: Post by Chwecgn (original poster) »

Actually they forwarded the case to the German support with a "dead battery" diagnosis.
Whichniit definitely isn't.

I am waiting for a reply from acacia through the very helpful German support.