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I have copied :oops: :P :mrgreen: their idea of storing these types of tools in a glass with some (uncooked) rice. Keeps the tines safe, cleans off any grinds with every insertion, and stores the tool handle-side up:
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Kran wrote:Like many have already said, the weight of the levercraft and the design feature of how the pins are attached make it much more user friendly and well worth the investment to me.

I don't know if using a Kwak cork and 3D printer pins constitutes some sort of IP theft but I have a hard time believing that the handle and pin attachment on the Levercraft is really worth an extra $40. I like the feel of the cork. It's grippy and warm. And I sanded it flat on top so it is quite stable standing upside down, which is how it normally sits when I'm not using it. If I were to buy one from Levercraft I'd want the cork handle option, assuming they offered it. Even better if it came with a large bottle of Belgian ale.