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Curious if Vincent published the files for the Umikot v2? I saw it in Brian Quan's video recently.


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The V2 files are now in the Printables Umikot downloads.

I'll be printing one up next week.

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luvmy40 wrote:The V2 files are now in the Printables Umikot downloads.
The Umikot model files on Printables are all over a month old. The video version is available on onshape.


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I have the Etsy one, but these new designs look sweet.


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Any chance for 49mm (Strietman , LaPavoni etc) size of this device ???


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I saw this one on discord
https://media.discordapp.net/attachment ... Render.mov
This looks really sleek as has a smaller footprint.

Anyone know the source?


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I printed the v2 gear assembly and spin ring(they are on the Printables site) and they are a vast improvement over the original design. Not that the original didn't work well.

It looks like the v2 base is designed to use spacers added for the different needle lengths rather than a different base for each length. Good idea in my mind, but I like the original lugged base with magnets so I will not be printing the v2 base.


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BTW, if anyone wants to try the original design, I have the one I printed originally. It's an ugly brown color, printed with recycled filament and drilled for larger magnets. It fits the stock BDB porta filter (58mm, 24mm depth needles). Any one who wants it, just pay the postage. You will need to provide your own needles and screws, but all the parts are there, including a second base without the magnet holes.

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mmartins wrote:This looks really sleek as has a smaller footprint.
It looks more like a motorized Barista Hustle Autocomb. It's a circular stir, not spirograph movement. The speed (lack of) may make this tool less effective than Barista Hustle Autocomb. :(


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We have printed v2 Umikot for the Robot :) It still needs a little tweaking, some related to the county library printer used (it's not tuned) and some related to the model itself. The lug/flange sections were extended to 29mm, but probably need a little more as the legs get stuck on the handle which I ended up sanding a bit; we'll try 30 or 31mm next. The seat over the basket in the base needs to be slightly wider as well, something was preventing the basket from sitting flush. For now, I just did a little haphazard sanding with my dremel tool to get it to sit. The 0.35mm acupuncture needles with 75mm length (on a 30mm handle, total 105mm) had to be cut to about 64mm and 54mm to match the design.

More tweaks over the next few weeks as time allows, we are trying to keep the changes within the model parameters rather than create a whole new model :mrgreen: