2021 World Barista Championship - Milan, Italy

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Okay fellow home baristas, I've been watching the first round of the World Barista Championship hosted in Milan with 38 contestants from around the world, including our very own USA Champ, Andrea Allen from Onyx Coffee Lab.

I have a question; Let's assume these are some of the best baristas from around the world at extracting flavors from various coffee beans, however, almost all of them used an OCD tool for distributing the grinds before tamping (one barista used the Duomo 8 ). Am I missing something here? I used this tool (Pullman Chisel) for about two years, then moved on to "better" tools at breaking up clumps way down to the bottom of the PF basket, not just the top third. They had to use (according to the rules) an EK43 grinder with the coffee burr set. Is this tool actually the "best", or are they using this type of tool because of time constraints? Or is the EK43 a non-clumping grinder? :shock:

PS: Andrea made it to the semi-finals which starts tomorrow, but Hugh Kelly from Australia looks like the barista to beat!

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You have to understand the rules for scoring.

In a nutshell, not using an OCD could increase the chance of competitors losing points.

The discussion of whether the OCD is the best base design and/or its (non-)usefulness for a home barista has hopefully been beaten to death by now :?.
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The thing to keep in mind is this is mainly a timed hospitality competition. If it were a tasting competition I'm sure all of the Baristas would be preparing things differently. FWIW I'm sure my morning espresso tastes better than their competition shot but it's damn impressive what they pull off and the amount of work they put in preparing. There were a couple of documentaries about it called Barista and Baristas IIRC.

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Here are the winner announcements from today: https://sprudge.com/here-are-the-2021-w ... 82600.html

Barista: Diego Campos, Colombia

Brewers Cup: Matt Winton, Switzerland

Cup Tasters: Kyoungha (Charlie) Chu, Australia

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Thanks Steve. Has anyone seen a list of the full results including point totals...just curious?
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