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I always enjoy seeing other people's photos and I didn't see a general pictures thread, so I had a fun idea to make a thread where EVERY POST requires you upload a photo!

Want to show off your latest purchase?
Poured some killer latte art?
Got some FIRE new beans!?

Post em here!

But remember, if you have a question or comment about anything you see in another post, you will need to upload a photo too!

If this is a dumb idea or not allowed feel free to delete. But I'll keep it alive by making frequent posts hopefully

Here is my first "fancy beans" purchase ever!

Just arrived from Monogram Coffee purchased on their Black Friday sale. Before this I only ever bought beans from my local roaster (EcoCafe St-Jacobs) and I cannot find a single opinion of them online

Will report back after tomorrow's coffee!


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Randy G.

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Let's just admire the art of it
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Morning reflection.
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Drinking this while admiring photos


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Killer beans!


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rolex (original poster)

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Love it!! A great start!

My finished latte "art" was disastrous - way too embarrassing to post. So here's just a before pic instead, lol

Something about this coffee is making it much harder than we are used to for latte art. Is that a thing? The milk seems to wash out really easily. Hard to explain. My wife commented earlier that she got "rejected" by the coffee on her usual design too.

How odd!

Super tasty coffee though, getting a crazy chocolate finish on this stuff that lasts a very long time

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Mad Scientist

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Londinium L1
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