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Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.
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Waiting for an MC5

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★ Helpful

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...Is making me wait for tomorrow morning!

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My latest setup. loving the p64 so far. debating on replacing classika tho with bianca v3 in white or decent.

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A bit of Zen I suppose: My "coffee station" is both about maximizing the minimum, and about possibilities. Before I continue, missing from these pics is my commercial dual-chamber Bunn grinder that resides in my basement.

So then. My Cuisinart coffeemaker is what I use in the mornings. I sometimes (usually when I have to work the next day) set it up the night before on a timer; other times I desire fresh ground, so I grind right before brewing. I use decaf as the main deal, and supplement with whatever full-caff roast I have chosen (thus the two chambers).

The Cuisinart also has a K-cup brewer. We use this almost entirely as a hot water dispenser for tea, but I do keep a variety of K-cups around for company if they so desire. And we know two couples who like to bring their own fave K-cups with them, so they are accommodated. Possibilities, you know.

Then there's the ViaVenezia. I've seen some post things about 'limits' and how the espresso journey is frustrated by these limits, calling inexpensive machines the "Toyota Corolla of espresso"... implying that large $$$ outlays on equipment are a necessity for this hobby. With that idea I disagree, vehemently. I'm the kind of person who takes joy in extracting the maximum possible performance from the minimum outlay. And I just loooove proving self-appointed 'experts' wrong! And so it is with this machine. A $15 thrift find, enhanced with an OPV adjustment, $50 unpressurized portafilter and a $10 dimmer and a $10 panarello.

It feels so solid! with the aftermarket dual-spout portafilter. And it looks great! Just at that level, it's a pleasure to use.

And there's the OPV adjustment to tame the pressure, and the dimmer for flow control. The dimmer allows me to perform pre-infusion. And doing it manually? With a control knob I installed myself? What's better than this!? It's like the manual transmission and taut steering, enhanced by my installation of a rear anti-sway bar, in my Subaru... that connects me to the road. I'm IN this process of making espresso. I'm temperature-surfing; I'm adjusting the flow in the moment.

Similarly, I acquired the panarello with its single-hole interior piece. And it's an excellent producer of microfoam. I mentioned possibilities. I'll never produce great latte art, but if a visitor requests a latte I can provide one that is at least properly made and delicious.

Prior to the ViaVenezia? A Krups Novo 'appliance'. But again, by simply adding an unpressurized basket and paying attention, I was getting good espresso.

Finally there's the grinder; the Urbanic that I got a great deal on. And then modified to stepless, not by removing the detent pin but by adding a disc that allows me to utilize the detent pin's tension to retain my grinder setting. A $200 60mm titanium burr stepless 250watt grinder? Yeah, this is exactly my speed.

Limitations of the gear? Frustration? Sorry self-appointed experts, but I don't grasp what you're talking about. Consistency is not about spending $4K on gear. Consistency IS about involvement, about real exploration, about research of what's possible with what you already have. And with that I present my picture(s), as demanded by the thread title.

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New toy! Monolith Flat with that new sexy CNC AL base.

Damn this forum, I've had too m..muh...mah..mmmm..much caffeine!

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My Linea Micra has arrived!!!!

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One to move this thread along - snowed in so playing with Polaroid .

LMWDP #198

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