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Eddy have you tried a 5000 k version. I would think it would be better better for the color changes.
EddyQ wrote:I recently replaced the 220V compact fluorescent lamp on my North TJ-67 with a Satco 8.5W (60W) 3000K 120-277V LED that has a claimed CRI of 80. Obviously higher CRI, like >90 is better. But LED 220V E26 base bulbs are hard to find. Unfortunately, I must report that it is horrid. I can no longer tell when my beans turn from green to yellow to tan. The compact florescent is better.
I wonder if I can get a halogen for 220V with E26 base?
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Here's a review of some GE HD bulbs. I've used the Reveal incandescent bulb and been happy with that, but it looks like the LED version doesn't have as much brightness as the other two bulbs which may be an issue for lighting your kitchen, but probably won't be too big an issue if you're using it close to your roaster. ... rific.html

Lately I've been using my swing-arm magnifier mounted to my bench with a ring fluorescent bulb in it which helps me judge the color of my Bullet roasts much better than the included LED goose-neck bulb included with the roaster, but is probably not as nice a light as the incandescent Reveal bulb. It is handy, though, on my crowded bench.

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CarefreeBuzzBuzz wrote:Eddy have you tried a 5000 k version. I would think it would be better better for the color changes.
No, I have not tried a different color temp. I may have some LEDs with 4000K and maybe 5000K kicking around and may try them with a shop light. If it helps, I may order another 220V LED for my North.


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You will find all of these 65-265v LED lamps on AliExpress. And usually those Halogen capsules in 220/240V as well.