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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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Hu Everybody

I'm new user about Home barista.. Nearly I was just a reader.

I'm old roaster... I had my compagny in 2010 to 2014 in France.. but for many reason... like $$, i have no choice to close my business
i worked with Gaz Probat 5Kg.. with micro-lot coffee , and cup of excellence
I live now At Quebec..

I ve worked 3 years to the roastery with toper 30kg, probat 12kg

now... i have other job... other life...

but I want to start nano roastory.. yes Nano not micro :)

I want to roast between 500 kg to 1 000 kg of coffee Not more..
But i want a good coffee and choice...

I want to roast 300 to 500 Kg for the first years

I don't have money to have a big roaster... I want to start with a small to have fun...

I ve seen the Bullet.. But this price in US, with all Tax to Quebec.. I'm afraid with that..

now, I ve seen the Hottop 2+. And I think it's a good choice to begin... but i want to have your benediction :)

I want to have control to roast my coffee with 8-9 min if y want per 1lbs.. it's possible ?
and, can we roast 4-6 batch one after the other ?

Do you think it's a good choice for have a good roast and for start my nana roastery ?

many thanks

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If you are in the Montréal area, then you might want to put off capital costs like a roaster, afterburner, commercial kitchen, etc., and start by renting from a co-roaster like

FYI, a stock HotTop cannot do back-to-back roasts. (The roaster forces you to wait quite a while between roasts.)

Note that used roasters regularly show up on

Good luck!
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I might suggest this kind of setup. Bud had it in Milwaukee before he stepped into a professional 2K. I would stack his roasts against any Hottop, Bullet, Quest, etc. He was adept at his rigs; a master who was very close to the bean. Keeps your costs down and your hands close to the bean.

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I m not sure for your reference.. never seen coffee roast with that.. Only on Internet..

but I don t live at Montreal...
I checked too kijiji for used roast...

for 2k.. apparelty we don t roast back to back .
we need to wait, 10 to 30 min

but I ve seen a video to hack this pb...

we can remove filtre, front doors, and after 5 min.. the roaster is ready to roast...
I don t know is a good practice...

BTW.. for my old probat 5kg i can t roast and use vaccum to cool coffee on the same time...
1lbs with 5kg.. it s not comparable .. i m ok with that


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Huky 500T is fun, i think...

I have just send a request to Nr Li to have a cotation for Canadian shipment

fee and tx alway hurt my heart :(

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Huky can for sure do back to back roasts, batch size of approx 400g is the sweet spot.
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#7: Post by JohnB. » Runs around $2000 delivered in the U.S. Can roast up to 700g but I typically do 1lb batches.

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John, how long has this rig been on the horizon? Any way to vent it?
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Dave this guy vented it. I think people around here like them.
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Boldjava wrote:John, how long has this rig been on the horizon? Any way to vent it?
First came out in early 2018 I believe. These were the V1s & Johan made a number of improvements before the V2 went into production in October 2018. I'd ordered mine in June & received it November 2018. My only complaint was that I thought the stove was a little under powered for good control of 500g-600g loads. Mid 2019 Johan replaced the original stove with a larger one that I upgraded to. Solved my only complaint & allows up to 700g loads although I've only done that once to see how it would do.

Vent outlet is on the back. Chaft collector is inside & pulls out the back for easy cleaning. Dual fan set up works great for venting the roaster & cooling
the beans. There are several videos on Youtube if you want to see it in action.