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mkane wrote:Looking at the profile I posted above 3.0 was the damper setting. As you can see the ET didn't quite reach the 450° milestone so, the damper setting needs to come down a bit, around 1.66 give or take. Trying to keep one eye on BT and the other on ET. Were getting there but no quite there yet. I'm thinking the ET temp is critical. The profile can look good to great but if the heat milestones are not reached the roast can taste flat.

so why not play with the dumper instead of the gas? is there a preference ?
also, you guys mentioned "milestones " , what are the milestones i need to reach?


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If I increase the air late in the roast on this machine it causes unwanted increase ror almost immediately so I try and keep the last damper move before 1C. I mentioned milestone and I could be wrong but IMO if I don't get ET close to 450° late in the roast taste will suffer.

I could also be all wet.


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we still fill feel this roaster is way too powerful.
taking out one burner will mitigate that.

can u please advise why did u all was against it?


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I've done some experimenting this morning with the BC-1 which also has lot's of power. Image
Use more air.


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Well i happy to report that i made big progress, check attached:


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Great news, Yigal, looks good to my untrained eye. What changes did you need to make to tame this roaster and get the profile you wanted?

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hmmm..lots of learning and experimenting....
until found the right damper setting that appears was the key to it all...

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And what setting is it? looks like 1 in the pic.