Quest M3s drum lubrication on front spindle

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#1: Post by TonyC »

I have about 200 roasts on my M3s, and while I clean about every 40-50 roasts, I am beginning to hear a bit of noise from the center shaft on the drum. I read (quite some time ago) that lubrication can/should be used on the front shaft spindle area occasionally.

Could someone share experience on exactly where to lube this, and using what type of lube (WD40, 3 in 1, other, etc)? Is it just the front shaft area, or somewhere else as well? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Great roaster, but going through most of the same issues as all the rest, trying to become more proficient....


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Food safe hi temp. not WD40 or similar. There is a little bearing, I thought it was sealed for least on mine I think it was.

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I am using this on my roaster
Super Lube 52004 Synthetic Lightweight Oil (ISO 68), Translucent ... UTF8&psc=1
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#4: Post by Nunas »

A drop of plain ordinary motor oil (but just one drop) will work fine, as this is a slow speed shaft. Use non-detergent oil if you happen to have it. If memory serves, this is what the manufacturer recommends. The idea is not to actually re-lube the bearing but to soften the lube that has hardened due to proximity to heat. I've only had to do this once in many hundreds of roasts (I've long since lost count). Alas, the noise may be coming not from the front bearing, but from the back. Those gear motors are prone to leaking when they get hot. When you do your next deep cleaning look for evidence of the gearbox lube having leaked out. Due to the heat, it won't look like gear oil; instead you'll see something fairly clear but more like thick grease than the original lube.


#5: Post by TonyC »

Thank you all for follow up, and last time I did cleaning, after removing lower back panel, noticed a small drop of oil like material on one of the wires near the small electrical fan, which I just cleaned off. In putting a drop on the front, should it be right where the small lock washer is on the shaft protruding from the drum?

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You'll see a hex bolt right in the centre. Out from it, you'll see a grove. Put one drop in that grove. If you turn your drum by hand, you'll see that the inner portion of that grove rotates with the drum and the outer portion (held by the circlip) remains stationary. Don't over-lube it. a drop is all you need.


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Nunas, thanks for follow up. I have posted a photo of the spindle area in question (assuming I posted correctly), but don't see the slot you are talking about. Might you be able to highlight the area you are referring to? Thanks!


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#8: Post by Nunas »

Maybe a 'slot' was the wrong term to describe the spot. See the writing stamped into the bearing; inside of that, there's a 'circular groove'. The inside part of the bearing rotates with the drum. The outside part does not move. Put the drop of oil in the groove.


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Thanks Nunas, got it, and makes total sense....!