Panama Elida Natural 2019

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

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Discussion is spread across several threads for this coffee, figured I'd start one explicitly discussing profiles and roasting techniques.

This coffee seems to absorb heat like no other. Really easy to roast thus far. My best profiles have been Rao curves and a "linear" profile where I dropped at a low temp and powered through with a close to constant RoR. Dropping at a lower temperature than I normally do seems to result in a really well balanced strawberries and cream, whereas higher drops result in more of a classic strawberry note. Only the Rao curves seem to maintain their punchiness as the roast cools as well. After three days the smell is almost overwhelming. Pretty awesome bean.

I did a group buy at the office for this bean, so i'll have more roasts to practice with over the weekend. This should be a good crowd pleasing coffee that's easy to brew, which is a relief since the last group buy I did was a washed, floral, Colombian that really split opinion (probably due to half of my coworkers using blade grinders and mr coffees that don't hold temp, but that's a different discussion...).

Rao Profile Sample Roast:

Linear Profile Sample Roast:

The best Rao Profile "Production" Roast:

I accidentally went up a power level instead of down right before 1C on the Rao Production roast, got flustered and just left the power level at P6 for too long. As the notes say, I probably should have gone down to P5 when I went up to P7 and dropped slightly earlier. Getting less cream in this roast, but not in a bad way... it's slightly more balanced with more acidity and the sweetness is more "cutting" than "buttery" if that makes sense.

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I agree, this is a very easy coffee to roast. It is yummy at a variety of roast levels. I dropped my last at 0:57 just to see how far I could push it. Buckets of chaff!

Unlike some other light roasted coffees that I dare not brew in my "pedestrian" medium roast pot at the bar, this one is a crowd pleaser.

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I've done two roasts so far. Even though not dialed in, this is such a fine coffee - clean cup, subtle, silky mouthfeel, elegant.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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Bought 10# thanks


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Roasted 300g last week following the above profiles. Dropped about 45 secs into FC and had my first taste yesterday. Amazing strawberries and cream when pulled on my club. An absolute pleasure to drink!

Anyone going darker on this?

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Jasper_8137 wrote:Anyone going darker on this?
A bit darker gets you raspberries.

Devin H

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Just ordered some due to all the "talk". Sounds like a winner.


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You won't be disappointed.


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Sorry if I'm not following - could someone tell me where to get these green from? I think Klatch, but didn't want to buy the wrong ones!

Thank you and looking forward to strawberries :D

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Klatch or Roastmasters