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OK So Artisan seems to be the software of choice here and I look forward to using it. Also, as far as I can tell the 2MM probes are better than thicker probes. What is the ideal setup? Mac Vs PC, Phidget 1048 vs others, BT, ET, MET and controlling the roaster with PID and fan speed and gas through the software. I like the idea of the needle valve that Almico used on his Cormorant for the gas.

My question is, given various budgets, what is the ideal Artisan setup for a Cormorant or similar roaster? I realize ideal is relative so maybe ideal for cheap setup, middle of the road setup, and expensive setup that will grow with the inexperienced roaster. Sorry for such an open ended question!!

If it helps I intend to use my roaster with the recommended 1# batches give or take so hopefully I will not be bending bean probes...
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I'm using a Surface Go, Phidget 1048 and the 2mm probes from Mill City for BT and ET. I don't think you will be able to control the roaster with the Artisan PID feature easily. Being so small, it's a bit sensitive to gas and air changes. It's enough to control it manually, let alone configuring software to do it. Get a handle on roasting manually before trying to automate it.

I drilled 5/64" holes inside the sockets of the lower chimney bolt and left door bolt. The BT probe in the door just swivels on the bean mass. With this setup I can roast 100g and get good BT data.



The ET probe: