Needle valve for gas control

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#1: Post by jammin »

Has anyone found one that offers superior control?

I am currently using a 3/8" ball valve and am not satisfied with with how touchy it is. I'd like something with a bit more control.

So far, I've found a couple on Amazon that look promising but would appreciate suggestions or advice.

I have this one on order as it appears that the knurled knob with declinations will be easy to consistently adjust. It is also rated for "low" pressure so I'm hoping for good flow capacity.

This one also looks like a good option and boasts "high flow". Stated capacity is 8 gallons/minute but I have no idea what that means or what inlet pressure they are basing it off of.

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#2: Post by SAS »

Try a Dwyer Flow Meter
Look up on their web site first to find which one fits your range of pressure, then look on eBay for one.
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#3: Post by solock »

I have and use the parker valve, one on a toper 10K and one on a TJ-066

I use the Parker 003381103 338 in 1/2" threads on the toper, it works flawlessly and allows smooth control

I use the same valve in 1/4" npft as a direct change for the valve that was in the tj-066, it fit with no piping modifications, and only needed a minor enlargement of the cover plate hole to fit.

Both have been flawless in design and implementation.

I thought the fine numbers would be helpful, but I find that the coarse numbers are enough to get me close and use the gauges as the actual indicator. THe valve itself has been in use for over a year and have had no leaks or change in smoothness of operation. 10/10 would buy again
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#4: Post by moreshots »

That should work well as you have the flow meter to measure flow thus but input
I'm using propane with a regulator

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#5: Post by Moxiechef »

I re-plumbed mine with the Parker valve. Works great but I don't use the markings at all, I just watch the gas gauge for the amount of adjustment to make.

Someone had put on an air flow gauge/valve and eliminated the actual gauge, control was bad and inconsistent due to no good way to see the pressure downstream.



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#6: Post by jammin »

I just installed the 3/8" Parker needle valve and I'm very pleased with the results. This is a huge upgrade over a ball valve!


#7: Post by moreshots »

Nice plumbing job!!'
The mono meter is the ket as you know

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#8: Post by Moxiechef » replying to moreshots »

Thanks. The new plumbing definitely gives a much more solid feel to the rig. Compression fittings are not the most durable for things that get tugged on or vibrate. Not that they don't work, they are just not as solid as flare fittings and especially pipe thread. I'm definitely enjoying the learning process on it.



#9: Post by moreshots »

I built mine with compression fitting 6 years in it's all good
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