Kaldi Wide + Thermocouple Woes

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Postby Rook » May 13, 2019, 8:08 pm

Good evening -
I've been following the posts on this board for a few months and finally decided to create an account to get into some discussions about home roasting.

I've roasted on a Behmor for about 2 years and decided to make what I thought would be the next step up by purchasing the Kaldi Wide. The Behmor eventually got boring to me as I found that no matter what I roasted, everything ended up having the same base "baked" taste. I also didn't like it's limited manual controls. I did overall really like the Behmor though. I consistently had good roasts. I felt like the Behmor was just prone to stalling when the fans cut on and it was extremely challenging to get away from things being under-developed. The Kaldi intrigued me due to its use of gas. I knew right away the Kaldi wouldn't stall like the Behmor so I put the Behmor up for sale on eBay and ordered the Kaldi Wide.

I'm happy to report the Kaldi Wide is definitely a step up from the Behmor. Im my first few roasts, only using the included analog thermometer, I've gotten intense flavor profiles in coffee I haven't tasted in two years of roasting with the Behmor. I also get a MUCH more even roast as this was a common problem I would run into with the Behmor.

Fast forward a few weeks of roasting and now I'm shopping for a thermocouple setup for data logging. I went with Roastmaster for the app and used a "Supermechanical range thermometer" off of Amazon. I removed one of the bolts on the back of the Kaldi and inserted the new thermometer into the machine. It's alongside the outside of the drum between the drum and machine wall. Upon trying the first roast with it, things got crazy as the newer digital thermometer ran away in terms of heat readings compared to the analog one in the drum. I guess Im really surprised in the offset difference between the two. At some points, the digital is reading 30-50 degrees Celsius hotter than the analog one. Needless to say I ruined the roast and was pretty bummed about it. I understand, of course, that the analog thermometers will read slower, but I didn't expect this much of a difference. Is the Digital thermometer just too sensitive? Why would it run so far away from the analog one?

Also, I preheated for close to an hour letting the machine and thermometers soak in trying to get them even.

Side note, My Kaldi did not come with a stopper for the hopper like I've seen others have. Thought that was weird. I also do NOT have an airflow setup yet.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this!

Capuchin Monk

Postby Capuchin Monk » May 14, 2019, 1:21 pm

Is this Kaldi Wide or Kaldi New Wide? New Wide comes in orange color outer shell.


Postby Rook » May 14, 2019, 1:37 pm

It's the Kaldi Wide. Stainless steel, no red housing.