Huky 500T vs. Cormorant Roaster

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Postby joechen1125 » Jun 12, 2019, 2:49 am

I am looking to pick up a coffee roaster and I have been comparing these two roaster. Wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions since this will be my first roaster. Thanks in advance!!!


Postby babalu120483 » Jun 12, 2019, 8:59 am

I don't own either one (yet) but I was in a very similar place as you are.

I decided to go with the Cormorant because for me it seems like a much better built machine. The ability to control air flow with a variable speed fan as well as drum speed were a few of the reason I chose the Cormorant. Also the fact that the unit is beautiful and "all in one"

The current wait time is up to Feb 2020 for the Cormorant so if you are thinking on getting one you might want to get in line.

Good luck!


Postby Beeroclock » Jun 14, 2019, 7:46 pm

I'm reliably informed that Johan has reworked his build schedule and brought it forward 3 months I believe :D Should see that wait time for the Cormorant come down now..

Cheers Philip