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Postby SteveNLCanada » Oct 09, 2017, 4:38 pm

Hi Everyone,
Finally got a chance to signup with this forum. A lot of great information here! I recently purchased the Hottop 2K+ Roaster. Plan to start a Roastery/Cafe with a larger roaster when my wife retires in 2-4 years. In the meantime, I'm on a steep learning curve when it comes to coffee roasting. I'm a retired teacher with a science/math background and the more I learn about coffee roasting, the more I'm loving it. So far I've purchased the Scott Rao "Coffee Bible" along with two other great coffee books (Coffee Obsession & World Atlas of Coffee).

I've done 9 roasts (7 Brazilian Santos and 2 Guatemalan). The challenges now are:
1) Getting comfortable with the Artisan Software:
- What Charge temp to use (currently aim for 380ET)
- How to use Heat and Fan more effectively
- Trying to keep ROR slow and steady
- Being more aware of SC, when it comes and when to drop to get a nice med roast
- Overall consistency
2) Training my coffee palate
3) Working with my Rocky Rancilio grinder to get the proper grinds to match the brewing technique.

If anyone has a chance to have a quick look at my profile for Guatemalan (Batch#9), and give me a few pointers, that would be great.
BTW, this is an awesome forum!
Steve Bannister


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Postby leftiesrule » Oct 12, 2017, 2:00 pm


I purchased a 2k+ about a year ago and still haven't gotten the hang of things. Fan usage is still perplexing and accounting for the lag in the heating element can be difficult.

These days I charge 250 grams of beans at 300F BT with power at 100% and fan at 30%. The fan stays until around FC where I'll bump it up depending on if I want to accelerate FC and/or evacuate the smoke. I'll decrease the power throughout the roast and usually am at about 50% entering FC.

Your roast looks pretty good to me! I haven't really figured out how to minimize the spikes I see at around 5:30 and right before FC in your graph. I hope others can chime in here!!


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