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For single origins, I found Sweet Marias' total score to be generally meaningless, but the "flavor" rating turned out to be very reliable for my tastes. Literally, all I do at this point is scan for two to four high flavor rating coffees. So 88+ flavor south americans or 90+ flavor africans are no brainers for me. Point being, if buying from them regularly, I would recommend paying attention to the detail of the scores, not just the total score, something might translate consistently for you. Tried a bunch, and haven't cared for any of their blends.


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I completely agree with you on all counts. I also have had the same experiences with their blends. I have somewhere between 10-15 lbs of SM blends just sitting around because I didn't really enjoy any of them. This includes the 92+ rated blends. But part of finding out what you like is finding what you don't like. I see the Columbia gesha sold out. Hopefully I don't love it too much, or I'll be disappointed I only bought 3 lbs. :D

I roasted a new little 225g batch of Ethiopian Guji Shakiso Natural yesterday and munched on a couple of beans and got a very strong blueberry flavor. That was unexpected because it wasn't part of the flavor notes by the supplier. I'll have to give it a few days to rest before cupping it to see how it develops. If it proves to actually be a blueberry bomb I'll share details. But I've had a few roasts start out like this in the past, but then the blueberry flavor disappeared by day 3 and left an average and unremarkable espresso shot. So I'm not at all confident it'll retain those characteristics.

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I've always found SM's Moka Kadir blend to be pretty tasty. Haven't bought it in a few years but I see it's being offered again.


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Thanks - I was wondering about this blend and thought about giving it a try. Looks like I will.
I've also been enjoying one of SM's espresso blends for some time, although it looks like it's out of stock - Espresso Workshop #46: Hama-O-Rama. Rich berries with a tart/chocolaty balanced lingering mouthfeel. I'll be bummed when it's gone later this week.
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Does anyone know anything about the "ETHIOPIA GATAME MUKA RAISED BED NATURAL ORGANIC CROWN JEWEL" from Royal Coffee, or the "Hawaiian 100% Estate Maui Mokka Naturals" available from Burman's?


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TomC wrote:5 pounds coming. Since it's not a washed Gesha, it'll probably sell even faster. ... -6460.html

Colombia Honey Las Aguilas Gesha
Dam it! It's already sold out. I had 5lbs in my cart but was going to wait another week to see if they added some good DP Ethiopia. That's what I get for being cheap on shipping.


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I roasted some of the Colombian Gesha last night. I used an extended mallard stage and stopped about 45 seconds into 1st crack. Since I'm air roasting I made a point of keeping the MET as low as realistically possible, keeping it under 455 degrees for the most part. Munching a few beans right after they were cooled seemed very promising.

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Have you tried it yet?
Anyone else?


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I tried it a couple of times. First was after 24 hours post-roast (couldn't wait to test). It had that "carbon dioxide" taste that I associate with too fresh of a roast, but it had good complexity with mild floral notes and some fruity berry, body was okay. The second taste was 36 hours post-roast, this one was botched due to my equipment needing cleaning so I threw it out, cleaned my grinder and espresso machine. The last one was today. Extraction was a little quick and the shot came out much brighter than I expected. The floral flavors were hugely muted versus the 24 hour post-roast shot. I'll have to chase down a better extraction tomorrow and see if I can get something nice. The floral flavors might have disappeared already though, but this could be due to the roast.

I think the SM rating is a little generous but the bean is interesting and I'll keep playing with it in the future. It's possible it's just not well suited for the way I'm preparing it. But I have pulled a lot of light roast espresso shots so I'm kind of experienced with that. I'm more skeptical of my roasting because I need to get Artesian hooked up with my roaster to really make sure my profiles are treating the beans fairly. So take my experiences with a grain of salt at this point. The good news is my TC4+ appeared in tracking after being off the grid for over a month. :D

I have about 100lbs of greens so I'm going to need to play with various profiles as I get time. I also have some 2020 Eth Misty Vally G1 Natural coming in soon which I'm excited to try. Lots of Ethiopian lots are going to be arriving over the next month or two, so its a good time to keep your eyes open and watch for arrivals.

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This was my first attempt at the Colombian Gesha:


I have no experience with this type of coffee. That said: These beans are obviously a mix of two types. Their unrosted appearance is different, and they yellow very differently. They also needed more heat early in the roast to keep up with a reference temperature curve I took from a washed Guatemalan. As you can see the RoR was pretty bumpy during FC, part of which may have been caused by my late attempt at a "gas" dip. RoR was still pretty high at drop, but I wanted to start with a light roast per SM recommendations.

My "cupping" notes (pour-overs):

Day 1: Sour and vegetal: green apple peel and fresh baby spinach. Strange savory note. Pretty terrible.

Day 2: Still a sour start, but the baby spinach has faded. Hints of fruit and carmel sweetness in finish, after cooling. Better, but a long way to go.

I'm hoping this roast just needs time to improve, but would also very much appreciate some suggestions / criticism for ideas how to modify the profile for the next try.

Thanks! - Brad