Ethiopia DP Gr. 1 Yirga Cheffe Aricha-Current crop at Sweet Maria's - Page 16

Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.
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string bean wrote:Thanks for sharing Johnny, I will have to try that. I still have 5lbs. left I believe :o
Glad to share...My gas settings are different from normal stock configuration in that I use a cajun burner. I would have never tried such a high charge, but I went against the grain and the results paid off!


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SAB wrote:
I also submitted an email inquiry, and I received the following from SMs in response to that question about their lack of recommendation for use of the Aricha as espresso.

I'm not what that last sentence means, but I'm certainly ok with strong berry notes in my espresso.
The strong berry is the only ones I buy, after trying endless others.