Difference in Roast Quality Between Kaldi Models?

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I think I've settled on Kaldi for my first roaster. I've been pan roasting and oven roasting in a grill basket for a little while.

I want a gas powered drum to be able to control the roast and don't want to spend too much. Kaldi seems to give you a lot for the money. Other than features and load capacity, is there much difference between the Kaldi's? Is roast quality any better on a Fortis than a wide? I want a tryer on it and have a thermocouple thermometer to add but I'm not sure it matters if the capacity is 300, 350 or 600g. I am concerned about the roast quality or at least the ability to control the roast.


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Having never used one I can't answer your questions.

But based on a lot of different purchases I've made

it's not a bad idea to buy your last roaster first and skip the upgrade process.

Hard to stomach upfront yes but in the long run you do save money.

..... Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.....


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How much do you plan on roasting per batch? That should determine which model you buy. I have the Fortis, my first roaster and I am very happy with it. I have started to roast 1lb batches and it works well. I roast for the 3 coffee drinkers in my home and for other members of my family. If you will be roasting smaller batch sizes get the Wide.

Capuchin Monk

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I've been using Kaldi New Wide (orange color shell) and have been happy with the results. For me, it's been an upgrade from Behmor roaster in terms of adjustable level and chaff management. Capacity isn't as big as Fortis but fits my need fine.