Diedrich HR-1 setup?

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Going to learn how to roast on a Diedrich hr-1 that i have been given to borrow. Does any one here how one of these and maybe willing to give some tips and tricks and share a photo of the setup?



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I used to use an SR-1 for sample roasting which is basically the same machine as the HR-1 but with a worse switch for controlling the heat (really digs into your thumb if you're doing a full day of sample roasting).

This machine is very slow to respond to control changes so you'll need to read ahead on your roasting plan pretty far (1-2 minutes) so that heat adjustments take effect when you want them to. The secondary airflow control at the bottom should be ignored as my experience with that is that it's the "stall my roast" control (Diedrich techs I've spoken with about this hadn't been able to replicate that behavior but confirmed that they've heard that a lot so YMMV). You'll also want to make sure you're cleaning out the chaff between batches as the collector is quite small.

All that said, once you've learned how to make the machine do what you want it's certainly possible to produce nice and consistent roasts, though since my IR-1 was hooked up I've pretty much retired the SR-1.