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Postby Boldjava » Jan 07, 2019, 11:35 am

dale_cooper wrote:... I still think this may be QUITE good, just wanted to hit FC at 7 and hit first crack pretty hard. Tempted to do another roast right now :)

I think your roast times are fine but you might get more of the fruits at 1:40 or so. I wouldn't be so intent on 7:00 min first. Let the bean speak.
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Postby dale_cooper » replying to Boldjava » Jan 07, 2019, 11:56 am

Thanks Dave - I'm intent on 7 because I wanted to shorten my dev phase, 1:15-1:40 like you mentioned, and to do that and still cover enough ground to not be underdeveloped (degrees increased from FCs to drop) - I need to enter first at a higher ROR.

Example: If I would've dropped this roast at 1:30-1:40 I would've probably only had 14-15 degrees F increase which woudl definitely be bordering underdeveloped for me....

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Postby drgary » Jan 12, 2019, 6:48 pm

Well, I've FINALLY had a chance to roast some of this. The HG/BM is a bit hard to control. However I can taste the flavors described when crunching on a bean. Here's the profile. The greens smell great to start with.


Ambient temperature was 56°F with a fan behind me gently blowing smoke out the garage door, so that somewhat cools the lid of the roaster. My thermocouple (TC) readings are running high compared to my drum roaster, so temps may be overstated.

Rolling 1C at 8:15 with TC registering 401°F. First pops were at about 394°F.
Drop at 10:36, so 2:21 past 1C with TC registering 433°F.
ROR was pretty high and it was starting to accelerate when I dropped it to prevent transition into 2C.
Weight loss was 16.4%.

1/13: First tasting impressions after letting the grounds sit a bit too long*: It's very sweet at first and still has acidity for backbone. I taste cloves, cranberries, slightly acrid bitters on top, a spicy complexity in the middle range. As it cools there's soft umami/tobacco in the background, and it's slightly salty and a whisper of roastiness in the aftertaste.

Added 1/13: I couldn't wait and brewed another cup, and this coffee is juicy. Mmmmm.

Added 1/15: I pulled an espresso this morning on the Robot, and it's a full-bodied coffee with rich crema. I used 210°F water without preheating and underextracted the acids (later I'll try a hotter pull) but did taste roastiness and a bias toward chocolate in what I did extract. I didn't get the fresh fruits that others report but did pick up sweet and sour. From this taste and Dave's comments earlier, I want to slow the ramp to assure even development, enter 1C with less momentum and take it to a lower drop temperature, something like 418°F. Ironically in the curve above that drop temp would have anticipated and prevented the flick in ROR. I'll also want to turn off the exhaust fan while finishing the roast to sense the transition from vinegary to sweet. Pulled hotter and as a normale confirms taking this too dark. There's a balance between sweet and sour and a moderate roasty, nutty and astringent aftertaste. I'm glad the HG/BM takes small batches so this one will go in milk drinks.

* I don't know if these flavors fully bring out what is in this coffee or this particular roast because I ground it early in the morning after roasting, intending for it to sit for two hours to degas. Well, I tasted it about four hours later, after sleeping in. Now I'm rested. I expect the coffee will taste very good as it rests.

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Postby sherrycobysam » Jan 15, 2019, 9:38 am

I had a much lower tech roast, using a FreshRoast 500. I started with the Sweet Marias technique of going to cool for 30 seconds after the first minute of drying and then roasting on low as per Liberty Roasters advice. The fan is used to modulate temp. This had a very distinct berry flavor, sweet and just about the nicest cup of coffee I've had since I've been paying attention

I drank it as an Americano, pulled on the Robot and ground with the Malghut MG-1. Really amazing!