Cleaning a Behmor

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#1: Post by Krawfo »

I'm getting ready to sell my Behmor 1600 + and realized that I've neglected to clean the drum as often as I should. I warmed it up and then sprayed/soaked it with some full strength Simple Green. A Scotchbrite pad and a soft wire brush got some of the baked on material off but some areas of the "paddles" are still pretty dirty. Anything else I can try to finish the cleanup?


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Tabz works well for me for cleaning coffee things without being as strong as Cafiza. Could use a couple of tabs in a water bath and let it soak for a bit maybe?

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#3: Post by TomC »

Fill up a big pot or 5 gallon bucket with very hot water and a hefty pour of espresso machine cleaning powder. 5-10 minutes later it should look brand new, with little other than a rinse under hot water from the sink.


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Thanks so much for the suggestions. I knew there had to be a better way !