Artisan reading 15ish degrees above correct temperature

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Hello all. I recently received and installed a new yocto and USB cord for my USRC 3 kilo. My last one was having issues. When I installed it, my artisan readings were too high. I have a Prosence 5mm k type dual thermocouple. And it seems as if the higher my temps on my roaster go, the greater the distance between the actual roaster temp and the artisan temp. So when I'm heating up my roaster until about 350 or 400, my difference is 5-10 degrees. After that it is anywhere from 15-20. Any suggestions?

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I assume you are reading from a PID on the machine and different thermocouple. Different places in the roaster, but if you want them to match read the Getting Stared Guide for Setup.

There is other valuable information there for you as well in the Guide.

"Symbolic BT/ET

What BT and ET temperatures do you want as reference points?"
Artisan Quick Start Guide

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So you are running one lead of the dual TC to Artisan, and the other to the roaster readout?

I don't use a Yocto, but make sure the new one is set to the type of TC you are using.

If that's not it, then Mike's suggestion is best to match the values. Config>Device...>Symb ET/BT

In the BT field I have x*.98 so my BT reads 370* at 1C.