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Discuss roast levels and profiles for espresso, equipment for roasting coffee.

#31: Post by mkane » Jan 14, 2020, 10:43 pm

Today I tasted 2 coffees, a Panama Elida roasted on consecutive days and they were both good but, both very different. Are there benchmarks for a roasting profile? What brings out the best in a coffee. Hot/fast or long/slow? Seems as though I have less trouble with flick-crash with a Natural vs Wet.



#32: Post by mkane » Yesterday, 2:20 pm

CarefreeBuzzBuzz wrote:Mike

Looking pretty good. Can't tell if that's a short crash at end. Rest looks good. Tell us how it tastes in a few days.
Coffees not bad. Not great but not bad. I don't like what I taste after it cools. Mabey a bit on the dry side. I bought a new grinder and things could change when it arrives.