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#11: Post by MaKoMo » Jun 06, 2019, 3:21 pm

PapasCup wrote:The installation of Artisan 2 went well for me and I look forward to roasting with it soon.

Just an fyi on the new Artisan+ (Inventory) website. The registration process appears to be broken. It works just fine all the way up to clicking on the confirmation email that gets sent. But when you try to Login for the first time you get a banner statement that says "your account is not activated". I know that it has my UserID in the system because it will refuse another registration attempt saying "that User already exists". Hope they get that fixed soon and it should be a great tool from what I've read about it.
Just a quick note: account activation is manual and has to be done by us. We are currently presenting Artisan and at World of Coffee in Berlin and will start with the account activation begin of next week after our return. Please stay tuned.