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Postby babalu120483 » Jul 13, 2019, 10:42 pm

Brad - you are spot on. The probe is not actually touching the bean mass (yet). I need to play around a bit more with the placement of the probe.

Once again Thank You for helping me out while I learn on my Behmor.

ironbrad wrote:I don't recall my days operating my Behmor in much detail. I will say that I doubt you got your bean probe *in* the bean pile due to the design of the basket. If that is the case (i.e., your probe is not actually covered by the beans), that would explain the lack of starting "from the bottom" like many graphs on the forum depict. Most of us have bean probes that get covered by the beans. Upon charge, our room-temperature beans cover a pre-heated bean probe and temporarily drop the probe temperature. This produces the classic turn-point in the bean temp and the delta-temp (bean temp derivative) that begins off the bottom of the scale.

I think you have shown remarkable progress and are on the way to better understanding your roast process in the Behmor. Keep experimenting!