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#1: Post by crazyascarl »

Anybody know anything at all about the Zerno grinder?


I'm likely content with my Niche for a while, but it appeared on my Instagram feed and looks like another potential addition to the new wave to single dose grinder.

No work on price or release date but could be interesting.

Sounds like it'll launch with SSP and Mazzer 64mm burrs


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I think they would gain more interest if the burrs were 80mm and the lab sweet burrs can fit in there. 83mm are good too.
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The design along with the vertical burr mounting is original. It may peak the interest of some but as AD pointed out, why not go with a larger burr set? There are interesting burrs available at 74mm, 80mm and 83mm.

It seems the market for single dosing 64mm is getting quite saturated. With the Lagom, DF64, upcoming Kopi and now Zerno. (There's also the Eureka Oro but it's got a different burr set).
I hope someone checked with SSP to see if they'll have the resources to keep up with the 64mm demand...
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The ID is very similar to the Acaia Orion doser. https://acaia.co/collections/coffee-dos ... 9270678551

I don't necessarily consider this a bad thing.

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#5: Post by Shawnaks5 »

It looks similar the Nautilus as well. Of course the Nautilus has 98mm burrs.

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#6: Post by ira »

The design looks right. Because it's auger fed it might be faster than more traditional 64mm grinders, don't know if that will be an improvement or not, though lots of really good grinders work that way, EK, Bunn and the Nautilus to name three. I'd suggest there is a good chance it will be as good as the burrs at the RPM it runs at, i.e., as good as any other 64mm grinder out there. Assuming they can hold tolerances and keep the burrs aligned, things that should be reasonably easy given what I can see of the design.



#7: Post by malling »

I don't particularly find the 64/65mm market saturated, and I honestly think the reason is that the grinder need to be somewhat affordable and counter friendly. The problem with burrs that are +80mm is that these type of burrs are typically very expensive, in fact much more so then 64mm. To run these large burrs also requires higher specs parts, very precise parts that is made and assembled with very tight tolerances, as a tiny bit of mis alignment can be quite catastrophic for very large burrs. It also ultimately means a not so counter friendly package and a very costly piece of equipment.

Besides there are currently the Eg1, Monolith Max Flat, ubergrinder, Nautilus, MiniZ, MolarZ and on top Ozik has no less then two in the pipelines, additionally you can still use Compak R120, Ek43 and Ditting 807. So that segment is plenty saturated and probably more so then the 64mm market as it's a much more of a high end niche market.

The 64mm is currently only Lagom p64, G-Iota, Ode (for brew), Mignon SD, kopi deva and Zerno if the two latter make it to production that is. Meaning currently fewer then in the high end SD market. So in comparison it's not that saturated.


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Just came on my IG feed as well - they say $1K... assuming presale for $700 I'd likely bite. If Niche made a flat burr or the DF64 looked a bit better or I got in on a Key at first-presale price or the Option-O was <$1K.... Personally I like the look of this more than the Kopi Diva. Maybe on par with the Option-O... neither are as nice to me as the Key...

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malling wrote:... The 64mm is currently only Lagom p64, G-Iota, Ode (for brew), Mignon SD, kopi deva and Zerno if the two latter make it to production that is. ...
Also the Bentwood63? I realize that it's a hopper grinder, but it is also supposed to work as a single doser. I had looked into getting one, but I don't like to be an early adopter (usually).
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#10: Post by TenLayers »

If I didn't have what I have, I'd go for it. Really like the look of it.