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another_jim wrote:I'm overwhelmed by the sheer volume of amazingly unsuspected discoveries the young ones are making. The sheer pace of their progress towards espresso nirvana has me grumbling.
In the absence of your tone of voice and body language I am assuming irony here.
Your observation is not necessarily "discovery" but rather "learning," I would say.
We then get to the number 10,000 - the number of experiences we need before we reach serious expert status.
Or, at 1 espresso a day and a responsible parent (not exposing their child and its brain to caffeine before brain development has finalized), a person needs to be between 48 and 51 before we should consider that person a reliable source in the judgment of caffè.
So, I get it, we need to ask the OP for his age, the age at which he started drinking caffè and the average daily intake. Below 10,000 we should forgive him - above nominated to the Foundation for the Advancement of Wearing Wooden Coats? Or what would you suggest?


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Well then I nominate myself as useless. In multiple dimensions. I should stop posting at all.

Wait, I really do not care.

Therefore I can post anything.

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cafeIKE wrote:All the cool stuff was already discovered
Cleaning Note: Front flushing an E61 dispersion screen
LOL :lol: :lol:

H-B could definitely use some humor. And as OP, I declared no "discoveries" :roll:

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CafSuperCharged wrote: Or, at 1 espresso a day and a responsible parent

Let's try to keep the discussion about the real world here, shall we?

One espresso a day indeed! ; >

And my folks let me sip on coffee long before brain development was over, as well as letting me have a glass of Drambuie to ease my teething pains.
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Psyd wrote:And my folks let me sip on coffee long before brain development was over
Are you sure? If you were smarter, you'd have avoided becoming a Home-Barista :wink: