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PIXIllate wrote:All of my coffee friends have Kafatek's except one oddball that insists that an EK43 is something that a person should have in their kitchen.
I totally understand your friend, I'd say it's like having a T-Rex (not the band, lol) in the kitchen, pretty cool!



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ira wrote: I use arguably as there are a small number of other grinders that one could argue are also best, but no others come with Shuriken burrs which are only available to Max owners and might turn out to be the best espresso burrs made so far.
I have Monolith Flat (not Max), also with Shuriken burrs.


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Yes, I should have said 90mm or whatever the Max is, my Flat still has Mythos burrs till someday I upgrade.


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PIXIllate wrote:before I knew it I now have a problem. A second espresso grinder and ZERO room on my counter for it.
I hear that. Our kitchen is long overdue for an update and I feel a little silly putting one of these grinders on our current counter. I actually got out the masking tape and tape measure today. Looks like I've got around 6 months to get the kitchen remodel done... :roll:

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PIXIllate wrote:Received my SSW Flat earlier this year. Once I and 10-15lb or coffee through it and improved my already strong puck prep to the point where it was not a variable it's been a pleasure to use every day since. Not a single hiccup or odd behavior, which is saying a lot for an espresso grinder.

On a whim I decided to try to buy an MC4 yesterday when the next batch went on sale. Showed up on time, used Shop Pay and boom, before I knew it I now have a problem. A second espresso grinder and ZERO room on my counter for it. Oh well, either I'll decide on Flat vs. Conical once and for all for my taste or I'll have to get rid of the toaster oven.
Upright toaster, lose the toaster oven!

Btw, I did a comparison of the flat SSW to the Max with original burrs on the Kafatek board a while back. TLDR; subtle difference but both great.
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Having a conical with a large flat is an i teresting pairing (if you can afford it) so that you broaden the taste profiles one can extract at home.
Having the possibility to swap burrs with one grinder is also another option - less costly that also increase the range of taste possible.