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I have one! I removed the knick inside the knob so I can force it to do espresso, and it does it quite well. One time however, it blew a fuse from consecutive grinding from espresso. .

When adjusted for drip brew, the one I have produces a lot of fines, which is likely due to unsharp burrs. Nevertheless, it gets the job done.

I also have a ghost burr grinder, a Taiwan copy OF the Yang-Chia copy OF the Fuji Royal R 440. It produces squarish grinds which makes the cup less bitter and more clear, but however also produces a lot of fines which makes dripping and cold brew filtering more tedious. I have seen the Yang Chia model, and it's better than the one I have, which is unsurprising since its twice the price. Meanwhile, the Fuji Royal r 440 is also twice the price of the Yang Chia ghost burr model.

Incidentally, I went to the Fuji Royal office in Osaka when I was there. I ran test grinds on their R 440 and the bigger bulk grinder. Unfortunately, I don't think they have much on the Yang Chia copy. I hope they innovate something soon.

I have a nice 2016 thread discussing ghost burrs, I'll link it after this post


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I have the Tiamo 610n version in yellow. It has the hybrid ghost/cutting burrs and works well. Replaced the grounds bin with a small stainless milk jug, it's relatively neat.

So for I'm happy with it, although the big question is how does it stack up to the high end Fuji's or Kalita's?


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I picked up this grounds bin/sifter while in Taichung. It fits nice and tight under the Feima.
The lid goes on top with a little hinged opening for the grinder grounds shoot. You can the close it when done and sift away as many fines as you like.


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I have this one in black color from last September:


It looks like a Fuji Royal r220 clone with similar ghost burrs.

It's quiet and grinds well especially in medium coarse settings.

It produces nice cups, round flavors with good clarity.

The price is about 1/3 of the Fuji Royal, build quality is good and never had any issues with it.



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Will ghost burrs improve the cup?
I've found on named Akira 520A in silver which looks great, but I don't think they are fitted with the ghost burrs though. So is it worth paying extra for getting the ghost burrs?

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After about 5 days of usage, here are some initial impressions. I sifted the ground with a Tiamo sifter for about 50 shakes. There was < 1 gram of fines at grind setting 4 for the Clever dripper. I don't have an analytical balance to measure the amount of fines at home; however the fines are less than 1g after grinding 12 grams of coffee. There is also about < 1 g of residual coffee left in the crevice of the grinder.

Notice the "mud". It compares favorable with the Kalita or Fuji Royal; although the grind appears irregular:


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Would love to hear more about this now that more time has gone by!


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Hi guys,

Greeting from Taiwan. :D

for your reference

The manufacturer web as below
http://www.feima.com.tw/index.php?route ... path=61_62

it is purely made in Taiwan :)


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I have a 600n before, after I had the 102, I sold it