Would you replace these burrs?

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#1: Post by sungvary »

I purchased an Atom 75 abroad and my burrs came like this. Assuming that it was a result of them using too much torque when installing as the upper burr carriers screws were also showing signs of being stripped. Damage can be seen on the bottom left and right screws.

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#2: Post by BaristaBoy E61 »

Are you referring to the screw threads or just the screw heads being stripped?

The burrs don't look like they're in ruff shape from what I'm seeing, unless I'm missing something.

How does your espresso tastes with this grinder & burrs; is it slow to grind?
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#3: Post by lancealot »

What are you talking about?

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#4: Post by yakster »

It looks like the burr was chipped above the lower left mounting screw. Not sure how that would affect things.

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#5: Post by cafeIKE »

As long as the burr is not cracked, the missing bit has zero effect. It's in the crushing region and no coffee uses chunks that big :!:

How much coffee has been through them?


#6: Post by erik82 »

Same here, wouldn't replace. As it's on the inside (breakng part) it shouldn't have any effect on grind quality. If it where on the outer edge (grinding part) then it would definitely affect grinding.

And do look if it didn't cause cracks in the metal itself. If chunks of metal will come off it'll seize and ruin the burrs completely and potentially burn the motor and damage the axle and then you can throw the whole grinder away.


#7: Post by DaveC »

Nothing wrong with the burrs and nothing is chipped out of them, it just happens to be the way the hole is in relation to the cut of the burr. In fact they look quite new to me.

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#8: Post by BaristaMcBob »

I would not. Yeah, the screws are not perfect, but that's a case of the tail wagging the dog.


#9: Post by coffeechan »

It's a bit hard to tell. I see some imperfection where the others have said close to the screw on the lower left. In the outer cutting region, I can't tell if there's a chip or it could be a coffee/other visible particle. Maybe wipe down the burrs, vacuum, and take another look. In my opinion, the burrs look fine.

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#10: Post by Marcelnl »

they look like new to me, why not check alignment and if OK just go with the flow. If alignment needs adjusting get a set of new screws and replace them while adjusting alignment?
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