Wilfa Svart stopping mid-grind

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Hi folks, I am having a few issues with my Wilfa Svart, bought in October last year.

The grinder has been brilliant until a few days ago. Now it starts to grind and then stops after a few seconds. It sounds like it is getting jammed in some way. Pressing the start button again will grind a little more. Eventually I can complete the grind and the grind size looks as expected. I am running the grinder on the "second S" of Aeropress. It has been cleaned (top burrs only) every month and is used daily. The timer is set to 30 seconds. I am using a light roast coffee.

Any ideas??

JonT (original poster)

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OK. I think I may have found the problem.

The image shows all of the crud that was trapped below the bottom burr, in between the sweeper arms (note the huge lump of bean amongst it all!). I could not suck this out with a vacuum so I blew it out with an air can and then sucked it away. In hindsight, just tipping the grinder upside down may have done the trick - it certainly can't have helped!. :oops: It is now extremely clean.

I will report back....

UPDATE - Nope. This didn't fix it. If anything it has made it worse with the grinder stopping every 1-2 seconds within the grind. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. :(

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JonT (original poster)

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As you can see from the video. The grinder burrs are fine. The timer is set to max (30 seconds). The grinder "stalls" multiple times. I'm stumped.


#4: Post by Jonk »

It's not a very durable grinder. Hard to tell from the video, but my impression is that you're using fairly light beans. In that case it's a good idea to start the grinder before pouring in the beans.

You should still be under warranty, my guess is that the plastic cogs are damaged - ask for a replacement unit.

Sooner or later the new one will fail as well if you're using hard beans.

JonT (original poster)

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The store that sold me this have taken a look and agree this is a fault. Credit note issued. Now the question is do I use the credit note to upgrade? Possibilities at the store are Wilfa Uniform or Ode. If I bought the Ode I would really then want to spend even more on SSP burrs.



#6: Post by Jonk »

Can't recommend the Uniform. Ode looks like a better option.