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Grinders are one of the keys to exceptional espresso. Discuss them here.

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We live between two houses, does that count? ;)

In all seriousness, the answer for me is that switching back and forth between a carefully dialed espresso grind and a much coarser and less finicky (to me), drip grind, is bit of a PITA. Even with a Monolith Flat, there is still some fiddle-farting when you go back to your espresso setting. I'm happier just leaving my Monolith for espresso duty and using my cheap conical for drip/brew. I use a paper filter anyway.

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Hi Pete,

This makes lots of sense to me, and yes, after reading all your kind replies I decided to get a second one, I will leave my Ceado E37SD (Single Dose) for my espressos and the second one will be set for the Chemex which is the coffee my wife loves to drink in the mornings :)

by the way: congrats on the Monolith Flat, thats a heck of a grinder!



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Here's how I ended up with two grinders. I love espresso and I love roasting single origin for pour-over.

My Vario was misbehaving significantly so I decided to upgrade to Niche Zero. Excellent. But it slightly lacks in its ability for pour-over. So instead of ditching the Vario I upgraded it to Forte burr chamber and steel burrs. Now I'm producing even better pourover!

I've found:
The Niche Zero can't beat the Vario at pour-over.
The Vario can't beat the Niche Zero at espresso.

That's why I have two grinders. I'm convinced this combo is the best bang for the buck at this level of performance.


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There's a little "club" of us with Monolith Flats. And of course most of us had other grinders first. A couple of guys (both engineers) got together for some blind taste testing. At play were Monolith FlatSSP, Forte, and Niche. Coffees tested were very light through medium roast level. Taste in the cup broke along the order listed. The Forte won every taste test against the Niche, and was nearly indistinguishable from the Monolith as you got darker in roast level. Where the Niche excelled was in extraction yield. It beat the Forte most of the time in EY even when it lost out in cup taste. Monolith was king of the light roasts.

Irony: that exact Forte went to another guy in our group who performed the alignment in this thread: Baratza Vario owner experience
put steel brew burrs in it and uses it for brew/drip. He has a Niche for espresso and AFAICT hasn't even tried his Forte for espresso. LOL.

Me? I don't drink much drip. So I have an old Virtuoso for that. And I use paper filters.

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I have always at least 3 grinders on my bench. Gone are the Compak k8, the Pharos and the Helor 101. I still have my k10 and my Vario for dripping. My new one is a Kinu M47, a nice addition to play with the Strietman CT1.