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Coffee beans have oil in them. Oil goes rancid. So do other organic compounds. That's why we like to keep things squeaky clean.

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Make-work project


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There are a couple of screw holes and a sweeper arm that can hold on to some very fine grounds. I find that cleaning once every couple of months seems reasonable for the light coffee I use . It's so simple that I get my youngest to clean it for his allowance.

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jpender wrote:And then when I've done it I usually have to dial in my grinder again. Nothing else changes, not that I can tell. The coffee doesn't taste better. I *feel* better having a clean grinder.
This is a good enough reason for me. I enjoy taking the Niche apart and cleaning it. Of course, I'm so cautious it takes a lot longer than five minutes.


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I can't believe we're on page 5 of this discussion. Clean your grinder, my dude. Yeeeesh


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"my Dude" ???
What a funny thing to say.

Do you have a Niche grinder?