Why are DRM grinders not as common as conical/flat?

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We have high end conical and flat burr grinders, but only Honne, Versalab and Titus DRM currently in production. Why is that?

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The Kafatek Flat Max grinders have conical prebreaker burrs on top of flat burrs.

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Those three are not the only DRM grinders, the original as far as I know is the LaCimbali as seen here :

La Cimbali Grinder identification

But, as you say, I am no longer sure that they are still in production.

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EricC wrote:I am afraid that you are mistaken, the KafaTek Flat MAX grinders do not have a conical pre-breaker above the flat burr.
Yes, the MAX 2 does: "Conical pancake pre-crusher burrs designed in house."

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My mistake, thank you for the correction.

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The Cimbali Max won't single dose, a bunch of beans will just keep spinning. Otherwise it's a pretty neat grinder, the concept is good IMO but perhaps it's about cost / value?

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I wonder if there are several factors. The DRM burr may feel old, and people are constantly chasing something new. Just look at the number of new flat burrs in the last ten years. There are quite a few new conical burrs too. Someone on FB asked Frank Durra (Titus) if he would make his own version of the DRM. He replied, "No, we are super happy with the DRM setup."

So then we have the Versalab M4, and it's a bit hard to improve on unless you do what Frank did, which is expensive (and amazing). And you have a low-cost copycat in the Honne, which makes many people uncomfortable. So, what does a new single-dose DRM grinder space look like that doesn't feel like a copycat? Maybe it's not in the single-dose space.

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#8: Post by RTOBarista »

I got the Titus Espresso grinder from Frank in January 2023 and my first grind was in April and I have gone though 7.2 Kilos

It only fits a 58 mm portafilter or Frank's dosing cup. Work flow is great-no RDT nor WDT, However I have to dose in the dosing cup and transfer to a 54 mm portafilter and WDT

I recently got the Kafatek MC6 and using the Weber 16 g baskets,

It is a fraction of the cost of the Titus, and the portafilter forks are easily adjusted. I am using a Moonraker and it is working great. I will try it without RDT and stop WDT.

The Moonraker is a pleasure to use and I am not getting grinds on the unit as others have mentioned. The Moonraker was order in September after I order the Kafateck in August and received in November.

I started using the the MC6 in February and the Moonraker. I will do comparisons of both units after the MC6 is seasoned--will take some time

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#9: Post by DoubleR »

I'd love to see a comparison from you on the MC6 vs the Titus. If you write it, I'll read it :)
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