Which grease for lubricating Mazzer doser?

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Postby PictureThyme » Mar 29, 2011, 12:31 am

Phaelon56 wrote: ...(SNIP) - a bit of cleaning and a judicious application of grease to that mechanism will make nearly always yield a smoother pull on the doser.

Does anyone have a specific suggestion for what grease should be used on the doser mechanism? The Dow 111 seems too thick for this application. I noticed in photos posted in other sections what looks to be OEM red grease. It should be food safe, I figure but not sure what to look for. Thanks, Steve

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Postby Dodger1 » Mar 29, 2011, 7:49 am

I use a food grade lubricant, Lubri Film Plus, on my grinders and found that it works extremely well.


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Postby Phaelon56 » Mar 29, 2011, 9:01 am

Are you referring to grease for the ratcheted star shaped gear inside the base of the doser chamber? I just dab some ordinary auto/marine grease on that assembly as that appears to be what is used originally. That area never ever comes in contact with the coffee (if it does you have doser problems.)

And not that you asked but when it comes to lubricating the threads on the grind adjustment collar - I don't. I clean those really well and thread collar back on carefully. Those feeling compelled to lubricate those threads should look for a food safe silicone spray.

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Postby PictureThyme » Mar 29, 2011, 2:09 pm

Thank you both for the recommendations. The bottom two screws of the doser were very loose so the ratchet and the paddle didn't meet all the time--pulling the paddle only occasionally moved the doser vanes.

The grinder was given to me after it was taken out of service from a commercial setting over a year ago as it appears the doser stopped working for the reason above. The doser is pretty beat up but once the screws are tight, it works fine albeit very dirty with old grinds. The inside underside of the doser where the brass cog is has as much coffee grinds stuck to the grease as the doser itself, probably because the two screws have been loose for a long time allowing grinds to fly up into the grease.

It's my next rebuild project.

I have to order new burrs from Chris so I'll order some grease as well. The grinder appeared at my doorstep (a gift from a good friend) a day after my Vario arrived from Chris, strange coincidence. I've got the Linea working and didn't have a grinder, and now I've got two. I really can't wait to get the SJ cleaned so I can compare shots from both.

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