Where to get cheap coffee beans to season burrs? - Page 2

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#11: Post by Paris92 »

+1 on going to a local roaster and asking for older beans. Has worked for me several times.


#12: Post by Shantastic »

If you cant get beans from a roaster, I go to costco and get a couple 5lb bags and regrind them on settings getting gradually coarser. It has worked well for me and it's like passing a load more then you purchased. I also align first, and then throughly clean everything out after so I'm good to go


#13: Post by GFride »

If you're in suburban Minneapolis,,,I've had trouble finding anyone with bad roasts or waste beans they want to give away or sell very cheaply. I found a roaster near Brooklyn Park who sold me 2 pounds for $10, but also said they don't have waste beans becasue they don't make many mistakes. :wink: Funny part was they smelled good so I started using the beans and they were nice! Like others have said, Costco or Aldi or some other discount store is probably the easiest route.