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Postby boren » Dec 05, 2018, 2:27 pm

BKSinAZ wrote:My concern right now is not the 270wi grind settings, but instead my concerns are that the ECM profe is being choked at a relatively high grind setting of a 9 and 10. I suspect the choking "can" be based on a few variables or a combo of variables. 1) my grinder is over dosing, will check with separate scale tonight. 2) Tamp might be a bit over done based on the over dosage 3) Grinder 'might" be grinding much finer that what the adjustment ring shows. Again, I was barely able to pull a shot this morning at a setting of 12 on the 270wi. Too fine mixed with an over dosage = not good. 4) possible low pump bar. Was at 8 bar even when choked. Did not budge.

I suspect it's #3. I also received the grinder a few days ago and I'm using 10 gram of 12G and am getting better espresso than the 12.5 gram I was loading with my previous grinder (Compak K3). Just grinder coarser and consider reducing the dosage a bit. I would be worried if the grinder couldn't choke the machine at its finest setting, not if it's choking it with a setting that's no at the extreme.


Postby Bluenoser » Dec 05, 2018, 11:08 pm

There is no need to shim immediately. Keep them for later.

Keep going coarser and don't worry about the setting. If you are choking your machine you are too fine.

Weigh the dose. Tamping is not an issue. I dose at 16.5g.. Some dose up to 20g. The larger the dose the coarser you need to go.

I have one shim installed, and my setting is 14.

When new, I set between 7 and 11. Eventually as the burrs wear in, you will find you can't grind fine enough. When you get down to about 3 and still can't slow down the pour, then you add a shim. That will kick it back up to about 10-16. Don't set it so low that the burrs have a chance of touching.

If you've been doing a lot of grinding and it is super fine, you may need to clean. I just take apart and brush the burrs well with toothbrushes and the group brush that comes with your ECM. A denture brush is larger and stiffer and works well.