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Grinders are one of the keys to exceptional espresso. Discuss them here.

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Grant wrote:.........I have been looking for any possible funnel substitute for some time.....
Well Grant, in an analogous, but probably utterly confusing way, I currently want to put "boat trailer guides" on my boat trailer. These are simply vertical plastic or foam coated pipes that bolt onto the trailer at one or more points, thus guiding the boat, in windy conditions, into the "center lane" of the trailer, where the deep v configuration of the hull seats itself.

I share all of that not for you, but for anyone who has never tried to "park a boat back on its trailer during windy conditions." .......................Lord I'm long winded!

Anyway, I found that "official clamps and pipes" from West Marine or any other boat supplies, can run from $60us to $120us per set. So trying to revisit the engineering problem, and trying to look outside that box thing........I realized that the super cheap trailer jacks from Harbor Freight Tools, based out of Camarillo, CA and with stores nationwide, had all the hardware and even retractable pole mechanisms that I needed. I can get two jacks for under $20, and may end up with a better product than what the industry offers. OR...........I'll scratch the hell out of the hull when something goes wrong and I'll regret ever trying to save a few bucks...............

.......never mind Grant. I think. overall, you probably did the right thing! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Can't blame me for trying, right? Al


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I've just made the transition to the MACAP M4 stepless; it is jaw-droppingly good. I had a Rocky for four years and had no problems with it, but I didn't realize going from a mid-range grinder to a high end one would reveal so many more subtleties. Selling my Expobar Leva prompted me to look at grinder upgrading and I'm so delighted I did. The base line of consistency (accuracy of grind, dosage, machine noise, extraction rate, color/crema density) went up unbelievably when I recently made this change. I got the doser model since I was used to that form and the difference between a doser on the MACAP and the Rocky is wide: the sweep of the MACAP picks up so much more and the rotation is clearly heavier/better gear quality. It makes a simple flick of the fingers a physical pleasure in pulling out the grind. The stepless, once I understood how fine the adjustments could be, has been lots of fun to play with. And my new Anita responds to each one. : )


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Craig, I would have to say that for espresso, the Macap stepless doser, is in my opinion, the best value on the market. But as is evidenced by many I've met, and especially myself, working up to that point isn't always quick. The issue of employing a proper grinder never seems to sink in at the onset of this hobby. But then, I suppose that applies to anything in life.


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Made sometime around the time and place my dad was during his little European vacation (1943-44). Still grinding fine and even - not a speck of clumping. Conical burrs, and check out the color!

LMWDP #049
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peacecup wrote:Made sometime around the time and place my dad was during his little European vacation (1943-44). Still grinding fine and even - not a speck of clumping. Conical burrs, and check out the color! <image>
Jack, there are a few out there that really enjoy using their hand grinder. If I can find one, I'd like to try it out for myself. Like everything in the "new world", we forget that some of the finest creations in the arts and science were accomplished using the most basic, but methodically accurate, tools!

Best, Al (........fish-y-cologist......I like that.)


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My choice is a Zassenhaus hand grinder (mine's a beech model 151). Was particularly glad to have it during a New Year's Eve ice storm that knocked out our power for 4 DAYS. Thanks to our big gas U.S. Range, Zassenhaus grinder and Aeropress we had all the necessities! :D

PS.. word is that the factory burned down some time ago. They are supposed to be back in business but dealers like Sweet Maria's still haven't heard anything. Consequently you will pay a premium on eBay. Even with the increased shipping, you might come out a lot cheaper buying from eBay in Germany: http://search.ebay.de/zassenhaus (not all ship to the U.S.) Babelfish is your friend.


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I have a Zassenhaus handmill, it's only about 4 years old. But for some reason, I don't think the grind is that even at all! Everyone raves about how even and good it is, but honestly I'm thinking about getting a macap m4 just for french press!

I've cleaned it out recently, hoping to get better results, but it still gives me an uneven grind. Maybe it's better at finer grinds? I'm grinding a little coarser than drip size. I had a Solis Maestro Plus but it broke so I got the Zassenhaus to tide me over. Well, I never got around to fixing the Maestro Plus. I guess I could take the plunge and buy a high-end espresso machine with nothing but my Haus and see if I really need a macap... then again, I heard it takes forever to grind a shot with a Zass. :(
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Fr. John

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Another vote for the MACAP M4 Stepless Doser.

I've had a Solis Maestro & a Rocky. The MACAP is heads above.

My only caveats are: tends to produce blocks of grinds that don't break up so I do a modified WDM by using a mini wisk in the doser to loosen things up (I pull too many shots in the morning to mess with a bonifide WDM). Also, I'd love it if the doser was adjustable.
Fr. John

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Innova I1 has been in use here for just over a year. Yes, I've read many of the dire stories of its habit of clumping, but that's a minor isue to me when I taste the cupped shot. The infinite adjustment is still as solid as the first day (nothing's loose).

Both of my hand grinders equal the resultant shot from using the I1, btw.

Life is good!

It looks like I'll be using the spare hand grinder at Rescue until I manage a good grinder (if nothing on the used market shows, I'll ask if I can just buy a new Tranquilo).


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Hi there,

I am currently using the Eureka Mythos (without tamper) and its handling is quiet comfortable.
Grind quality? Not comparable to the slow rotating conical grinders, but it is good as the Mazzer SJ.

The display allows setup of all relevant parameter incl. the programable dosing button (single, double, triple) -
it's precise.

Prior to the Mythos I had the following grinder (and sold them):

* Rossi RR45
* Cimbali / DRM
* Mahlkoenig K60
* Casadio
* Mazzer SJ doserless
* Eureka MCI (still in use at our office)

The Mythos might be oversized for home use, but's it's rock solid.

Hopefully the new conical LM grinder will be avaiable beginning 2008.

- Malte